Crested Dog Studios, Inc.

Crested Dog's Creations N' Critters...

"Crested Dog," my personal fullsuit. Crested Dog is the first ever chinese crested hairless costume. He was worn to Metrocon 2010 and Anime Festival Orlando 2010 as well as various events.

This partial, created for a friend, is meant to look like the popular game character "Amterasu," from the video game "Okami." She was worn by a friend to Chibi-Pa Go! 2010 in Miami, Florida, and was sold to a new home just recently.

"Alcarne," is a fullsuit of a red demon wolf. Worn to my first ever all exclusive fursuiters' convention, he was one of my favorites to make. This is the second version of the costume, and has a matching plushie.

"Zero," is my latest personal creation. The second chinese crested hairless dog fullsuit, he is my new pride and joy. He was worn to Necronomicon 2010, and Shadocon 2010 as well as to various events.


 "Kyou," the white dog and my first fusuit creation. Worn at Zonacon 2009, my first convention in costume.


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