Crested Dog Studios, Inc.

About Crested Dog and Crested Dog Studios...

Here at Crested Dog Studios, I build and create custom, mascot-type costumes called fursuits for both commissioners and for my personal self and use.

I became first entralled with the furry or anthropomorphic community and the fursuit-making when I attended an anime (japanese animation and culture festival) called Metrocon in Tampa, Florida. I absolutely fell in love with the costumes there, but my very favorite were the fursuits. I pledged to learn how to make them then and there at the convention.

And so a few months first fursuit/costume was born. A white dog based off of an anime character named "Kyou," he was worn by me to Zonacon in Orlando, Florida. He was a great hit and inspired me to make more costumes.

Currently, I have made four full fursuits, and one partial or half fursuit. One of those includes the famed chinese crested hairless dog, "Crested Dog," the basis of my business.

On another side note, I have been facepainting at charity events and various volunteer opps for almost five years now. I have a personal connection with kids, since my mother is currently a social worker. I absolutely adore painting their faces.

As far as artwork goes, I have been making art as long as I can remember. I have always had that "creative knack," as my mother puts it. I am currently attending a magnet arts high school as a visual artist. I plan on attending an art college as an illustration major.

Today I continue to attend conventions and events while wearing my personal fursuits.


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